How Does the Complete Email Service Work?

The Complete Email Service is a comprehensive service that helps you reach out
to your customers.  You may be running a restaurant, retail store, or beauty
salon, the key to your success is to get your customers come back to you over
and over again.

First, we will install our software, Pwr-Email at your computers and
point-of-sales stations.  Pwr-Email enables you to capture customer email
addresses and related information conveniently.  You just need to ask "Do you
want to be in our email list".  Half the time, customer will say "Yes".  To
encourage them to give you their email addresses, you may also offer a
discount, coupon, a small gift, or do a random weekly drawing.  

You can easily collect dozens of names a day, thousands in a few months.  Our
software will work with any point-of-sales software or application programs.  
Building up your email list is quick and easy.

Once you collected a sizable number of names, say, over 1,000, you shall
contact them by sending them emails.  All you need is to give us an idea of what
you want to say.  Our software will allow you to upload us any Word, Excel, or
Graphics files to our website.  We will then compose the email base on your
instructions.  We can add graphics or pictures to make your email more
attractive.  We can also edit any draft copies you send us.

What shall you write in your email?  The main purpose of the email is to keep in
touch with your customers and solicit them to come back.  You may introduce
some new products, offer some discounts, and include some coupons.

Once you approve the copy of the email, we will send them out to all or selected
names in your database.

As in any mass marketing campaign, the rate of response is not high.  Your
email marketing will not be effective unless you send it to thousands of
customers.  With a coupon offer, you can monitor how effective is your email
campaign.   Generally speaking, if you send your email out to 10,000 people,
you shall expect a few dozens customers responding to your email.

Please note that your email is not SPAM!   Every name you collected is given to
you by the customer who has been to your business.  A recognizable logo,
picture, or your business name will remind your email recipient that the email is
from someone he knows, not from a spamer!
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