Email Marketing is the most cost effective way to reach
your customers.

You are bombarded with emails from BestBuy, Orbitz, Olive Garden, and
many businesses.  Why?  Because it is inexpensive, and because it works!

Do you want to do the same?   We can help.  PwrEmail specializes in helping
small businesses to reach out to their customers and generate more
businesses through Email Marketing.  Whether you are running a retail store,
restaurant, or beauty salon, you can build a much closer relationship with
your customers by sending them emails regularly.  More importantly, you can
send them discount coupons, weekly special, restaurant menus, etc in you
emails to trigger immediate response from your customers.

Unlike typical email marketing services, you deal with us through personal
contact, not through a website.   We will help you make a plan, collect the
names, and even compose the email for you.  We will maintain your email
database and help you analyze the effectiveness of your email campaign.

We help you in every aspect of your email marketing, which includes:
We will help you set up a email marketing plan that will generate the
best return on investment.
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Name Collection
Our software enables you to collect email addresses and names
conveniently at your computer and point-of-sales stations.
Email Composition
Send us your draft and pictures.  We will compose and edit the email
for you.  We will add graphics, use nice fonts and colors to make your
email more professional and attractive.
Email Delivery
We will send out your email to all or selected addresses in your email
Database Maintenance
We will maintain your email database, merge lists, weed out
duplicates, and remove "unsubscribe".
We will generate a report on how your email is received and monitor
the effectveness of your email campaign.
No Cost or Obligation
Our service is free until you send out your email to your customers.  
We charge you 1 cent per email address sent with a $100 minimum
per email campaign.